School Mission

School Mission
We, the faculty, staff, and parents of César E. Chávez School are determined to provide the best possible education for all students.  Our goal is to pursue “excellence” through creating a positive and enriched academic environment, which provides successful learning opportunities for all. We will provide accountable, progressive and variant educational programs, teaching methodologies and techniques which will challenge all students in all areas of the curriculum.

Daily Announcements

Cesar E. Chavez Celebration
Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School will be celebrating Cesar E. Chavez's birthday on March 23, 2012.  The school  will be having an assembly in the blacktop area.  We are honored to have Cesar E. Chavez's grandson, Anthony Chavez speak at this event.  We also have many parents, board members, and the superintendent  attending this event.  The event will include speeches from  the students and Mr. Chavez.  We also have students dancing in celebration of his birthday.  This will be a very successful event for everyone to enjoy.  


Reading Across America

Cesar E. Chavez will be focusing on Reading for the month of March and to celebrate reading we will be having our Reading Across America held this Friday,March 16, 2012 from 9-10:00 a.m. We will be having guest speakers reading to all of our students and staff. Guest Include: Melissa Cano, Board Member, MaryHelen Villanueva Board Member, Dr.Juan Lopez, Superintendent, Firefighters, Police Officers, Dental Crew, Madera County Jail Officers, Characters from story books and much much more. Our students and staff are looking forward to this wonderful event.

After School
The After School Program Report Card is available in the school office.  If you are interested in observing the report card, please come to the school and ask our school secretary.

Wildcat News

Cesar E. Chavez Elementary promotes positive behavior and academic success.  As part of our effort to encourage students, we have a weekly "Wildcat Sweepstakes."  The students receive a small sweepstakes ticket titled, "Because I'm Proud of You."  These tickets are given to students for performing a wide variety of duties in the classroom, yard, and cafeteria.  They are a way to reinforce positive behavior and continued academic achievement.  The sweepstakes tickets are chosen every week.  The students who win, get a "Token."  Tokens can then be collected until the student has enough tokens to exchange them for an item in the student store.  Keep encouraging your student to behave, do their work, their homework, and show good citizenship.